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Coman Hamilton
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As the call for papers deadline for JAX Finance draws closer, conference chair Sebastian Meyen took this opportunity to tell us more about this latest addition to the JAX Worldwide series specializing in financial innovation.

JAXenter: You’ve just announced a new member of the JAX family – JAX Finance. How did you arrive at the decision to concentrate on a particular industry?

Sebastian Meyen, JAX conference chair: Yes, we just announced our first JAX Finance conference, which will be held on April 27-28 in London. We are very excited to gather as much technical information as possible to drive IT innovation forward within the financial industry.

But let me please add one thing: Yes, JAX Finance is our first entire conference dedicated to a particular industry, but we’ve been featuring tech innovation for the finance industry for years with our Special Days – JAX Finance Day, which is part of our German JAX and W-JAX conferences.

Since London is the centre of the financial world, we’re quite certain that this JAX Finance will match the fintech needs of London and that’s why we wanted to have the conference there. But it’s not just a local London conference. We can also expect to see plenty of interest from disruptors in fintech hubs across Europe and beyond, like Frankfurt, Madrid, Singapore, Berlin…

And what can we expect from JAX Finance?

The financial industry is probably the most demanding customer of information technology. Speed, availability, security, robustness – these are more than crucial in this industry.

And while these factors are so important for financial businesses like banks, traders, insurance companies also need to look towards innovation. How do we make our services not just safer and faster, but smarter and more cost-effective?

And it’s not just that – the digital economy and the financial industry are interdependent. And that’s why it’s so important to master all technologies which can change the game. We remains firm believers that the Java platform provides a solid ground for mission critical systems and an extremely flexible environment for providing tools and means to create new services for the digital age. With our JAX conference series we have this long tradition of treating the JVM platform as both – rock solid and ultra innovative – and we are confident that this event will give valuable impulse to the financial crowd

What kind of people will be coming to JAX Finance?

Anyone that has an interest in advancing finance and banking technologies! Developers, software architects, project leads, trend scouts… any kind of technical stakeholders that care about both existing systems and the latest technologies in the financial world. The conference looks at both deep tech as well as providing valuable knowledge from domain experts.

On the other hand, JAX Finance will also be about agile processes, the latest DevOps developments and last but not least, real-world case studies. We don’t ‘sell’ financial solutions at JAX Finance. We bring together a huge crowd of excellent tech stakeholders to exchange knowledge and contacts. In the end, it’s all about getting practical information, ideas and contacts to give attendees the professional expertise and know-how to do their work more creatively and efficiently!

And as London is probably the place with the most lines of code per square meter (and of course it’s also one of the epicenters of the world’s financial system), we can expect to see both some major players from the local financial scene, and also from fintech disruptors across Europe.

When can we expect the first programme announcements?

The call for papers for JAX Finance is still open – if you happen to be an expert and have an exciting tech story to tell, please feel free to send us your submission by Monday next week (Jan 12). And if you’re an experienced conference speaker with a solid background in the financial industry – we look forward to hearing about your IT expertise for finance innovation!

Call for Papers ends January 12

The deadline for submissions is on Monday, Jan 12 and we’re planning on making the first programme announcements by mid February. You can expect an impressive density of software engineering experts, dedicated to providing the most modern solutions for financial business.

As JAX Finance will be held in London – what about the ‘traditional’ JAX London?

People are constantly asking us if we’re working on another JAX London this year and when it will take place. All I can say is – hell yeah we’re coming back! JAX London has been a huge success ever since it started out in 2010 – and particularly last year, which was our biggest London conference yet. So we’re definitely returning to London again this year in October 2015 – bigger, better and with even more exciting new technologies. We look forward to seeing you there!

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