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Financial analytics platform OpenGamma Platform 1.0 here

Chris Mayer

The modular platform that excels at helping IT teams deal with financial data gets its fourth public release featuring a Bloomberg API.

London-based open source financial analytics specialists, Open Gamma have released the fourth major public release version of their  OpenGamma Platform, bringing forth some exciting new features.

Aiming to create a unified platform for front-office and risk analytics for financial services firms, OpenGamma Platform 1.0 has been in development longer than anticipated but the wait is surely worth it for the JAX Innovation Award 2011 Most Innovative Java Company nominee.

OpenGamma Platform 1.0

True to form, the OpenGamma team have shook things up a bit in this release. Aside from the expected improvements in the build system, which makes deployment a lot simpler, and an overhauled configuration system, there’s a ton of new features within the package.

When financial behemoth Bloomberg opened up its market data API back in February, OpenGamma prophesied that it would shake the foundations not only for them but the entire financial landscape. OpenGamma Platform 1.0 includes a Bloomberg module so you can now load automatic reference data for exchange-traded securities, as well as load and update time series.

This allows two options for the user: either choose to work with mock data like in 0.9 or hook up to a Bloomberg terminal (if you can) and be working with real world data in mere minutes. Head of Development at OpenGamma, Jim Moores spoke of how important this was to 1.0 saying:

Our integration module also now Open Sources our OpenGamma Live Data Adapter for pulling real-time streaming data into your OpenGamma environment from your Terminal, SAPI, or Managed B-Pipe instance. You can now download the Platform, hook it up to your existing Bloomberg infrastructure, and be doing live trading and risk analytics with real world data in a matter of minutes!

There’s also a shiny looking HTML5 Web GUI which allows the Web Analytics Viewer to support Market Data Snapshots as well as different Live Data configurations, support for dynamic re-aggregation of your portfolio on the fly – without reconfiguring your View Definition and generally better intergation with Data Master viewers. The GUI has been ‘retrofitted’ with “Push REST” capabilities to notify all clients of data changes throughout the environment.

Other inclusions this time round include extra asset classes and other analytics methods (all of which are covered here). Another big plus is a new R language module, with OpenGamma realising that a lot of their customer base is using the statistical language to delve deeper into their data. Now, you can call data as native R objects and tinker away. There’s also a promise that this will arrive separately at a later date, which is quite logical with so many industries using R.

The stats speak for themselves

750,000 lines of code, 9,000 developer days, 10,694 test cases, 4,268 downloads and most importantly 37,440 cans of Dr Pepper Zero went into OpenGamma, so you know it’s been tried, tested and then some.

It’s a comprehensive release for one of the most robust and open architectures for financial trading. A vital resource for anyone within the finance field, download it now!

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