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Finally, Enterprise JavaScript is easy!

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Is enterprise JavaScript really that hard? Or is it really usable in the context of enterprise applications and as the basis of front-end browser-based applications? Watch Geertjan Wielenga’s JAX London 2017 session and find out all the answers you need.

JavaScript in the enterprise: is it hard? Is JavaScript really usable in the context of enterprise applications and as the basis of front-end browser-based applications? How are enterprises such as PayPal, Tesco, and Oracle solving these problems?

In this session, you are introduced to Kraken.js by PayPal, as well as Oracle JET (, Oracle’s JavaScript toolkit, including data visualizations, architectures, templates, components, and a range of enterprise solutions, such as modularity, internationalization, and accessibility.

Everything is free and open sourced on GitHub and you’ll be shown how to get started with it via demos and live coding. By the end of the session, you’ll be able to leverage free and open source technologies as the basis of your own web and mobile solutions, today!

Happy coding!


Geertjan Wielenga is an open source enthusiast and product manager at Oracle focused on technologies and tools related to JavaScript and Java.



Have you checked our trivia series? Here is a small taste of how  Geertjan Wielenga challenged us with questions about Apache NetBeans (incubating):

Which company acquired NetBeans and open sourced it?
a) Sun Microsystems
b) America Online
c) The Eclipse Foundation
d) Apache Software Foundation

When you type ‘sout’ in the Java editor in NetBeans and then press Tab, what happens?
a) System.out.println(“”);
b) Nothing
c) Blue screen of death

See the full quiz here and make sure you check out the rest of our pub quizzes!

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3 years ago

Interesting product but just hope won’t get the destination like Java where Oracle start charging business users.

Anna Martinez
Anna Martinez
3 years ago

Thank you for sharing an amazing article.

Can you please share me some more knowledge for KraKen.Js I am curious to know about the same?

3 years ago

I personally believe that JavaScript in Enterprise is possible. I have previously worked on such projects.