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Final RC for Scala 2.8.1 and Are Oracle Eyeing Up EMC?

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Hibernate Core 3.6.0.Final released on the project’s new github.

Final RC for Scala 2.8.1

The third RC of Scala 2.8.1 has been announced. Scala 2.8.1 RC3 is almost identical to the RC2 version, but addresses two additional “minor” issues. Developers will have one week to test Scala 2.8.1 RC3, and the final version is scheduled to be released immediately afterwards.

Oracle To Get Its Hands on VMWare

Are Oracle planning to buy EMC? It may just be an unfounded rumour at the moment, but it’s already having an effect on EMC shares, which jumped as high as 5% in morning trading Thursday and closed in on its 52-week high of $21.83, following the rumour.

But there is one thing complicating matters: EMC have an 80% stake in VMWare. Avian Securities analyst Matt Bryson commented that, because Oracle has invested in building its own virtualisation platform, VMWare would be a “dead expense,” and that EMC’s traditionally “hands off” approach to VMWare wouldn’t sit too well with Oracle.

Hibernate Core 3.6.0.Final Released

Hibernate Core 3.6.0.Final is out now. Support for JDK 1.4 has been dropped, and hibernate-jmx and hibernate-annotations modules have been merged into hibernate-core. Annotations support for discriminators, column-level read/write expressions, and timestamp versions, have all been improved. ValidityAuditStrategy has been added to Envers, in an attempt to accelerate and simplify the queries to retrieve historical data, and implement other types of queries, such as latest changes.

Sneak Peek at Chrome 8

A pre-release build of Chrome 8 is now available from the Google dev channel. This pre-release integrates Google Instant search technology in the browser, and uses your browser history in fetching the search results or taking you straight to the website.

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