"A sharder's tale"

Failure, DevOps and data migration at Etsy

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Etsy engineer Bethany Macri speaks about the company’s decision to move from Postgres to MySQL and the tools and workplace culture their software has used to take a successful DevOps approach.

“We believe that failure is inevitable in a sufficiently complex system,” says engineer Bethany Macri about the development culture at Etsy. Unlike the typical fear of failure present in many of today’s software teams, Macri says a combination of blameless postmortems and responsibility is helping them to build for failure and plan for it.

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In this talk, shot at the DevOpsCon in Berlin, Macri discusses how Etsy’s DevOps tools, methodologies and philosophy were utilised for a data migration project. Etsy is an online marketplace whose community spans the globe, with buyers and sellers coming from more than 150 countries.