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What exactly is Apache Syncope?

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Apache Syncope will assist companies with digital identity management in an effort to ensure that data regulations are being followed.

Apache Syncope is an open source project for managing digital identities in enterprise environments. It will provide a solution for the management of access rights for IT components that are in accordance with business processes in large enterprises – or as it says on the project page: who has access to what, when, how and why?

Apache Syncope

Syncope refers to the discipline of identity management, in which user data in systems, applications, distribution roles, resources and access rights can be shared. At the core of Syncope is a web application that provides identity management features. Data provisioning is ensured through a workflow engine and a JPA-based persistence layer while a RESTful interface allows the integration of caller applications. All settings can be adjusted with the Apache Wicket console.

Apache Syncope Architecture


Architecture Sketch Apache Syncope

Version 1.2 of Apache Syncope is currently available. Aside from bug fixing, other new developments include the ability to reset your password.

Syncope Apache 1.2.0 – code name Intermezzo – can be downloaded from .

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