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Building Evolutionary Architectures

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evolutionary architectures

Things can change on a dime, leaving your teams unprepared, using outdated technologies. What is evolutionary architecture, and how do you build it? This keynote from W-JAX explores this architectural approach and how you can start focusing on change as a principle. Watch and learn from the mind of Patrick Kua, Chief Scientist and former CTO of the modern bank N26.

In our industry, one of the only guarantees is change. Many of today’s tools, technologies, and business models will soon cease to exist, only to be replaced by newer ones. Architects face the challenge of planning for today’s systems knowing that the problems of tomorrow will be completely different from the problems of today. Evolutionary architecture is an architectural approach that prioritises change as a first principle but balances this need with delivering value early.


Evolutionary ArchitecturesPatrick Kua is the Chief Scientist and former CTO of the modern bank N26 (Berlin, Germany). With almost 20 years of experience in technology, he spent a significant time at ThoughtWorks as a Principal Technical Consultant. There he helped organizations improve their ability to rapidly build and evolve software. He is the author of three books: “The Retrospective Handbook”, “Talking with Tech Leads” and most recently, “Building Evolutionary Architectures”. Patrick is a frequent keynote speaker and writer. He is passionate about a balanced focus between people, organizations and technology.

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