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8 essential tools every DevOps specialist should know

Lucy Benton

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DevOps specialists are constantly looking for new tools for their toolkit. In this article, Lucy Benton shares her favorite DevOps tools and goes over the reasons why you should give them a try.

DevOps has already changed the way companies deliver apps to the market. The industry continues to grow quickly, and more tools and platforms are created with the purpose of making your life easier. Software companies deliver many new exciting apps every day, and one can imagine how much work should be done to release them.

Consequently, DevOps specialists are constantly looking for new tools for their toolkit. Their approach calls for many tools to meld app development and deployment into a streamlined exercise.

To save you some time, here are 8 essential tools for DevOps specialists that will be a great addition to your toolbox.

DevOps tools


Papertrail is a tool for log management that aggregates MySQL, Cloud hosting, Apache, Ruby on Rails, Windows events, Heroku apps, and many more. The users of Papertrail love it for easy implementation, user-friendly interface, and powerful features.


  • Instant log visibility
  • Aggregation of text logs, syslog, all app logs, and lots more
  • Instant alerts and trend detection
  • Searching using API, browser, or command line

Free trial available.

Jira Software

Jira is one of the most popular choices of DevOps teams for project tracking and issue tracking. JIRA allows every team member to be fully visible and create a custom workflow to ensure the most efficient planning, tracking, and release of an awesome app.


  • Task distribution, user stories and issues
  • Visual, real-time data on team performance
  • Provision of current information to improve decision making
  • Custom workflow

Free trial available.


SaltStack® Enterprise is designed for event-driven remote execution and configuration management. With it, you can perform intelligent orchestration for the software-defined data center easily and efficiently.


  • Deliver an intelligent and integrated audit
  • Allows to enforce configuration compliance with company policies across massive infrastructure
  • Orchestrated any cloud
  • Automates deployment of almost any infrastructure

Free trial available.


Facilitate your productivity with this automation tool for DevOps teams that allows to perform development duties faster and more efficiently.


  • Rich API and great selection of plugins
  • Scale out development to deliver quickly
  • Write in whichever language you prefer


Assignment Helper

White tech skills are a must, DevOps specialists also need to possess the ability collaborate and write clearly. This may not be immediately apparent, but writing and coding are similar because they require a clear mind and structured plan. Besides, as the role of DevOps is increasing, they are often required to communicate with customers and organizations, so to keep them happy and informed, one has to be able to write quality emails and program reports.

This is where writing and proofreading tools come in. Assignment Helper is one of the leading in the area, helping diverse professionals to advance their career by improving writing skills.


  • Effective training to write professional pieces such as emails and progress reports
  • 24/7 support
  • Practice sessions for cover letters, business communication, and client communication

Free trial available.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a fully-featured integrated development environment designed by Microsoft for web, cloud, iOS, Windows, and Android. It has a great user interface and editor; for example, the system allows to write an accurate code in an efficient fashion with losing the current file context and zoom into various details.

The features of the studio are pretty impressive and cover the entire software development and production lifecycle. One of the built-in tools, Visual Studio App Center, for example, allows building apps in the cloud, testing on real operation systems, monitoring app health and interact with users through push notifications.


  • Editing and debugging on any OS
  • Continuous integration, app delivery, and learning
  • Efficient collaboration platform
  • Real-time teamwork
  • Fast edit and debug
  • Deploy anywhere
  • 4000+ extensions

Free trial available.

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According to the developers of this security tool, Monit provides advanced protection for the system and error recovery. For example, Monit acts when an error occurs, and can repair it automatically, send you an alert message, or restart the apache. Moreover, it can monitor indicators of system health such as memory usage.

Users of Monit praise it for usefulness for monitoring daemon processes and similar programs running on localhost. The list of benefits does not end there, though: it monitors file, filesystems, and directories for changes, thus increasing security.


  • Performs automatic repair and maintenance
  • Alerts user about changes and errors
  • Effective management and monitoring Unix systems
  • Improves overall security



This open-source tool helps DevOps developers to automate cloud infrastructure and deploy application architectures on both public clouds such as Azure, GCE, and AWS and private clouds like OpenStack. Deployment is super simple and conducted with a few clicks of the mouse. The build-in JuJu Controller monitors all processes and manages all VMs in running models, user accounts, and configuration.


  • Gives the ability to operate big software at scale on any cloud
  • Deployment, configuration, scaling, and operating on both private and public clouds
  • Deployment whole parts of app infrastructure in one go using bundles that install, configure, connect, perform health checks, and undertake operations actions.



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