Epsilon Flock

Epsilon Version 0.8.9 for EMF Models

Jessica Thornsby

New task-specific programming language with the latest release of Epsilon!

Version 0.8.9 of Epsilon is now available.

Epsilon is a set of interoperable task-specific programming languages which interact with EMF models to perform Model Driven Engineering tasks such as code generation, model-to-model transformation and merging.

This version introduces a new model-to-model transformation language, Epsilon Flock. Epsilon Flock is tailored for migrating models following changes to their metamodels. With Epsilon Flock, migration rules are scoped to a single type, and two built-in variables- (original and migrated – are used to access old and new Persons. With Flock, developers can also change the type and delete model elements. The Epsilon team currently plan to develop the language in future versions of Epsilon.

More information on Epsilon Flock, is available at the project wiki.


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