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Enterprise OSGi Version 4.2 Specification

Jessica Thornsby

The OSGi Alliance have released Enterprise OSGi Version 4.2 specification.

The Enterprise OSGi 4.2 specification builds on the OSGi Service Platform Release 4 Core Specification Version 4.2, and the OSGi Service Platform Enterprise Specification Release 4, Version 4.2. It provides enterprise customers with a customised set of services intended to fulfil a specific set of needs, for example integrating Java Enterprise Edition technologies into an OSGi environment.

Enterprise OSGi Version 4.2 includes declarative services and blueprint container specifications, and management and configuration services.

“The purpose is to make deploying the OSGi Service Platform in enterprise environments easier, minimizing dependencies, addressing scalability, and including support for associated enterprise technologies,” said BJ Hargrave, the chief technology officer for the OSGi Alliance.

Please see the press release (pdf) for more information. The full specification is available to download from the OSGi Alliance website.


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