Eight Times More Scala Compiler Downloads in 2009


Eight times more Scala compiler downloads were being made from the Scala-lang site at the end of 2009, than in 2008, it has been revealed at the object-oriented programming language’s official blog. For those who are fans of concrete figures: that’s 17,000 compiler downloads a month.

Twitter, Xerox, Sony, LinkedIn and Siemens are amongst the projects currently using Scala, which bodes well for the programming language in 2010.

In the TIOBE language popularity rankings, Scala moved from 45th position to 25th during the previous twelve months. It is currently ranked above JavaFX Script and Groovy. However, Scala is still rated as 0.409% in the TIOBE system, which means it is not yet considered a ‘mainstream’ programming language. Languages have to maintain a score of 0.7% or above on the TIOBE scale, for at least three months, before they are awarded ‘mainstream’ status.

The current version of Scala is 2.7.7.It was released on October 28, 2009. A beta of Scala version 2.8, is expected to be released soon.

Last week, reported that Google’s Go won Tiobe’s Programming Language Of The Year 2009 Award.


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