Ehcache 2.0 and Updates to Terracotta Web Sessions


Terracotta have announced version 2.0 of Ehcache, in addition to upgrades to its Web Sessions clustering product.

Ehcache is a caching solution plugin for Hibernate. Version 2.0 comes with a new express mode for clustering application data via configuration changes. This option is available regardless of whether the developer is using Hibernate, a distributed cache, or session objects. With this release, Ehcache gains a series of enterprise features for better integration of Ehcache and databases such as JTA. There is also a data write-behind that aims to increase performance while avoiding database bottlenecks; and a snap-in scale for applications developed with Grails. Support for OSGi containers is also included.

“Any Java developer tasked with delivering application scalability should take a look at Terracotta and Ehcache 2.0,” said Robin Bloor, Ph.D., president and chief analyst at The Bloor Group.

Meanwhile, the Web session clustering tool Terracotta Web Sessions has been updated to cut back on configuration. Terracotta Web Sessions can now be configured by including a jar file in the classpath and modifying the container-specific configuration. This tool is now JVM vendor-agnostic, and supports Weblogic, Tomcat, JBoss and Jetty.

Please see the Change Log for more information on Ehcache 2.0. and the press release for full details on the updates to Terracotta Web Sessions.

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