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EclipseSource unveil RAP Mobile for Android 0.5.3

Chris Mayer

The latest developments for EclipseSource’s RAP Mobile for Android are revealed in 0.5.3.

Right at the beginning of the month, EclipseSource were showcasing their native Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) clients for iOS and Android, but now we’ve been given something extra. Yesterday the team unleashed an update to the Android client (v0.5.3) ushering in some new features.

EclipseSource has cottoned on to how big a part mobile will play in the future of software development and will certainly take up the majority of the thinking for 2012. RAP allows developers to run mobile platform apps written in pure Java/SWT. In this new version of RAP Mobile for Android, we’ve got the obligatory bug fixes and stability and performance improvements, but alongside that there’s some new features requested by the wider community.

The Tree Widget now supports the SWT.Virtual style flag, meaning you can scroll through huge amounts of data. Intelligent pre-caching also makes it possible to have content visible even when scrolling very quickly – a huge plus point. There’s also small extensions such as refined support for colouring so you can now call button.setBackground(redColor) to change the background color of the button. The change in color applies not only to the default state but to all button states such as pressed, disabled, focused etc.

UI updates are accumulated to execute in one operation and if a tooltip is set on a Text widget, the tip displays inside the Android EditText. You can use this to add hints for completing fields.

For all that is new and noteworthy in RAP Mobile for Android, check out the release notes. The team are also keen to garner feedback on the developer preview program, which allows you to experience the client firsthand.

As RAP improves during the year, we’ll keep you updated on its progress towards a first major version.

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