Eclipse Announce Orion

Eclipse’s New Browser-Based Tool Integration Platform

Jessica Thornsby

Mike Milinkovich hopes that the new Orion project will create a whole new ecosystem.

Mike Milinkovich has announced Eclipse’s intention to start a new project, ‘Orion.’ Orion is currently in the Pre-Proposal phase, although some code contribution has been made within the E4 incubator. The idea is to develop a browser-based open tool integration platform focused on developing for the web. With Orion, tools will be written in JavaScript and will run in the browser.

Currently, Orion is a code editor that runs in all “major browsers” and features some code for navigating files and folders, and performing full-text search. Git integration is under development, and the Orion team plan to integrate the debugger with Firebug. Orion’s server-side is an OSGi-based Java app that uses Jetty as web container, and communication with the client is achieved through a RESTful interface. Mike Milinkovich hopes Orion will encourage the development of a new ecosystem of web tools and reveals that IBM is contributing a piece of code aimed at encouraging such a community of contribution and participation, although he doesn’t go into details regarding this contribution.

There will be a face-to-face meeting in Ottawa at the beginning of March, regarding the future of Orion. After this meeting, a first draft of a project proposal will be available to the community.

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