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Eclipse’s Git tools, JGit and EGit, receive Juno SR1 updates

Chris Mayer

As the December Gitpocalypse looms, two Git-centric Eclipse projects get some welcome updates.

Eclipse’s Git tools JGit and EGit have both received bumper updates just in time for Eclipse Juno’s scheduled Service Release 1.

Led by SAP’s Matthias Sohn (EGit) and Google’s Shawn Pearce (JGit), the two projects (founded back in 2009) set out to secure a solid Git community within the Eclipse Foundation, with contributions from Google, IBM and Github employees, amongst others. This, their 12th release, is arguably the most important yet, as Eclipse projects are encouraged to move across to Git before CVS support is shut off in December.

The core project, JGit, is a lightweight Java library for implementing Git, while EGit is Eclipse’s certified Git Team Provider, implementing Eclipse tooling for JGit. This also means that any member on a project has a full copy of the entire code revision history, making querying against the history a doddle. Thanks to the high calibre committers, main use cases can be done entirely in EGit, without using native Git.

New in JGit is a garbage collector for FileRepositories, updated porcelain commands and a new command line command, “show”. EGit has received further care and attention, the biggest addition being the “Push To Gerrit” function which allows for seamless code reviewing. Two further updates to JGit and EGit are expected in December and February, in time for SR2.

According to Eclipse Director Wayne Beaton, 64% of Juno projects have already switched Git. With the health of these projects, by the time Kepler comes round that figure could be even higher.

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