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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.3 M2 and Metawidget 1.0 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, RIM announce a new open source web app development platform.

New Qt WebKit integration in SWT Project

Eugene Ostroukhov has created a new project for the Qt WebKit integration in SWT.

Currently, ‘qtwidgetsinswt’ has a basic browser view for opening pages in WebKit browser and marshalling some events, and has next/previous/stop/refresh actions. The project provides SWT APIs to Qt widgets to be used in SWT-based applications. It also integrates Qt widgets into standard SWT builds so that it can be used when creating plugins for Eclipse-based products. Only win32 and cocoa32 are currently supported.

Please note that currently the project will only run on Windows and Mac, and only if Qt SDK installed. More information on the project, is available at Eugene’s blog.


Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.3 M2 With Rhino JavaScript Debugging

The second milestone of Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) 3.3 is now available.

In this milestone, WTP can now launch Rhino JavaScritp debugging with a single click. When selecting a script file in the explorer, or working in a JavaScript editor, users can press the debug button, and the script should be debugged instantly using the built-in Rhino support. For a demonstration of a debug session, please see the New & Noteworthy.


After Two and a Half Years, Metawidget Reaches 1.0

After two and a half years of incremental releases, Metawidget 1.0 has been released.

Metawidget is a User Interface generator that, at runtime, populates itself with UI components to match the Properties of the project’s business objects. It achieves this by inspecting the existing back-end architecture and creating widgets native to the existing front-end framework, meaning that no new technologies are introduced. This release features improved support for JSF and JPA, and refactored HiddenFieldProcessor for JSP, Struts and Spring.

It can be downloaded now.


RIM Announce Open Source WebWorks Platform

At BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010, Research In Motion (RIM) announced the new open source web app development platform, ‘WebWorks.’ The platform offers HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript support on a mobile platform, in addition to support for web frameworks including Sencha, PhoneGap, jQuery and Dojo. The BlackBerry WebWorks Platform code can be accessed at GitHub.

The BlackBerry WebWorks Platform has also been open sourced on GitHub.

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