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Eclipse TPTP Project To Be Archived and Regression Fix For Cassandra 0.6.7

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, pay-as-you-go with new AWS EC2 instance type.

TPTP Project To Be Archived

There’s bad news for TPTP (Test and Performance Tools Platform) fans, as the team announced that TPTP 4.7 will be the last major release from the project. They will participate in the Helios services releases, so users can expect TPTP 4.7.1 for Helios SR1 and TPTP 4.7.2 for Helios SR2, but the project will not be a part of Indigo. After the release of TPTP 4.7.2 in February 2011, the project will be archived, in accordance to the Eclipse archiving project. TPTP provides an open platform, providing both frameworks and services for building test and performance tools.

In happier news, Gyrex have announced they will join the release train. This project is focused on creating a platform for Equinox based server applications.

Pay-As-You-Go AWS Instance

Amazon have launched a new EC2 Instance Type; the Cluster GPU Instance. This Instance allows AWS users to develop and run GPGPU on a pay-as-you-go basis. The Instance comes with a pair of NVIDIA Tesla M2050 “Fermi” GPUs, 22 GB of RAM and 10 Gbps Ethernet.

Cassandra Issue Regression Fix for 0.6.7

Cassandra version 0.6.8 has been released to fix a regression bug discovered in Cassandra 0.6.7. This release also updates the windows .bat files to work outside of the main Cassandra directory.

XWiki Enterprise 2.6 RC2

The second release candidate of XWiki Enterprise 2.6 has been released. New in this release is ‘share page’ functionality, and behavioural CSS classes that suggest spaces and make any element “maximizable.” The Recent Activity Dashboard has been updated (and its name changed to ‘Activity Stream,’) WikiWords are automatically linked and a new Recent Activity macro has been added.

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