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Eclipse Release Train 2013 to be called Kepler

Chris Mayer

We now know the identity of next year’s release but how is Juno fairing?

The community votes have been counted and verified and we can now reveal that 2013’s Eclipse Release Train will bear the name Kepler. Keeping with the astronomy theme, the Eclipse fraternity chose to give a nod to the German astronomer, the forefather of the rules of planetary motion. Or perhaps it was following the trend of naming new planets after him? Either way, it seems the perfect name for a banner Eclipse release.

Kepler fiercely fought off competition from Kari, Kratos, Ketu, Koronis and Kuiper to secure the honour, although in the end it was a pretty clear victory for Kepler, in the 213 votes cast.

  • Kari: 13%
  • Kratos: 14%
  • Kepler: 48%
  • Ketu: 6%
  • Koronis: 8%
  • Kuiper: 10%

The previous release followed this near-perfect alphabetical galatic pattern, often being named after Jupiter’s moons:

  • 2006 – Callisto
  • 2007 – Europa
  • 2008 – Ganymede
  • 2009 – Galileo
  • 2010 – Helios
  • 2011 – Indigo
  • 2012 – Juno
  • 2013 – Kepler

So we can finally look forward to next year’s release train now that it has a identity. But what of this year’s release Juno? After slight setbacks, it appears that we will see the Eclipse SDK R4.2 become part of the release train which is great news for the entire Eclipse community. Juno is seen as a big moment in Eclipse’s history, waving goodbye to the 3x releases and ushering in the 4x series for good. This will see Eclipse offer long-term support for the latter, rather than the current two-pronged approach and this can only be a good thing, seeing them dedicate all their effort towards the future. There’s still time yet to get involved with Juno though!

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