Eclipse Photon IDE improvements [VIDEO]

Eclipse Photon
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Eclipse Photon is here! To celebrate, we have not one but two videos from Holger Voormann to go over all the general improvements.

Eclipse Photon is here! (You can check out our previous coverage here and here.) Eclipse Photon is the Eclipse Foundation’s thirteenth yearly release. 85 Eclipse open source projects participated in the release of Eclipse Photon! There are over 73 million lines of code, with contributions from 620 developers.

“The focus on stabilization, and functionality along with a significant amount of effort to improve the user experience makes Eclipse Photon stand out. Some of the bigger things include improvements in the dark theme; wholesale changes to the language, look and feel, and functionality provided in dialog boxes, preferences, etc.; the ability to designate test folders in Java Projects; and improvements in support for PHP 7 (see the New and Noteworthy for a more comprehensive list).

Eclipse Photon marks the continuing embrace of the Language Server Protocol (LSP) by the Eclipse community. The Eclipse Corrosion project—the Rust IDE which is a new project in this year’s Photon release—is an excellent example of how new language IDEs can be quickly created using the LSP for Eclipse (LSP4E) technology.

Photon also marks the end of an era, as the community is moving to a three month rolling release model. June 2018 marks the last of the annual simultaneous releases. Going forward, we will be releasing on a quarterly basis.”

—— Wayne Beaton, Director of Open Source Projects at the Eclipse Foundation

Download it here!

Eclipse Photon

Today, we’re taking a look at Eclipse Photon! Here are Holger Voormann’s latest videos going over the general improvements to Git, Java, and Maven in this IDE.

Head on over to Holger Voormann’s YouTube channel for more helpful videos about the Eclipse IDE! 

Holger Voormann has faithfully documented all the changes and improvements to Eclipse Oxygen in a regular video series. Check out his previous videos:

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