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Eclipse now bang up to date for Java 8

JAXenter Editorial Team

Although it took some time to get there, all Luna 4.4 builds now contain Eclipse support for Java 8, and patches are available for Kepler SR2 (4.3.2).

As of yesterday, the Eclipse IDE platform is now fully up to date and ready to support the newly released Java SE 8. The news was confirmed in a mail-out by Daniel Megert, Project Manager of Java Development Tools (JDT) at the Eclipse Foundation, who wrote that “The Eclipse top-level project is very proud to announce official support for Java™ 8.”

This official update consists of an Eclipse compiler which implements all the new language extensions, retooling of features such as Search and refactoring, and also Quick Assist and Clean Up functionality to replace anonymous classes by lambda expressions, and vice versa, as well as new Formatter Options for lambda expressions.

As of yet, PDE API Tools have not been reconfigured to meet the new Java language constructs. The Eclipse team expect to have this done by the final Luna release.

Although fellow IDE platfrom IntelliJ was quick off the mark to step up with rudimentary support for the much vaunted lambda expressions in Java 8, Eclipse initially lagged behind in this respect. In an interview with JAX Magazine, Pivotal’s Martin Lippert attributes this delay in part to the extra time needed to “lock” linguistic changes into the Eclipse Java compiler – an issue other IDE providers didn’t have to tackle.

Nevertheless, Eclipse managed to pull it together in time for the big Oracle launch. You can now get Java-8 support in all Eclipse 4.4 builds from No. I20140318-0830th, and a feature patch  is available for Eclipse version 4.3.2.

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