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Eclipse Neon (4.6) reached fifth milestone

Michael Thomas
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The Neon milestone build M5 is released. We take a closer look at some of the highlights of the new build.


The workspace selection dialog now allows you to start a previously selected workspace directly via a link. It is now possible to remove existing entries via the context menu.


Workspace selection (Source: )

On the Preferences > General > Editors > File Association page, you can now define an editor selection strategy. Three unassociated file type strategies are proposed out-of-the-box (automatic opening via System Editor or Text Editor and a selection dialog). There are also some cosmetic changes: The look of the toolbar in the Mac default theme was adjusted to align with other Mac applications.

Furthermore, to save some space in the toolbar, the perspective switcher has been changed to show only the icons of perspectives by default; it is still possible to show the text again via the context menu.

Java Development Tools (JDT)

Developers are now able to configure annotation-based null analysis to use multiple sets of annotation types. This is relevant if your project uses 3rd party libraries that already use null annotations in their API, where the annotations used in a library may be different from those used in the current project. At Java Compiler > Error/Warnings > Null analysis you can set one primary set of annotations and an arbitrary number of secondary null annotation types.

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Plugin-Development Environment (PDE) and Platform Development

In case you have an unsaved features included in your product configuration file, PDE will prompt you to save it before the launch.

In the domain of platform development the org.eclipse.ui.handlers.HandlerUtil#getCurrentStructuredSelection(event) API has been added. In comparison with HandlerUtil#getCurrentSelection(event) the new API allows an easier access to an IStructuredSelection from a handler. Moreover, org.eclipse.core.runtime.ListenerList has been generified and now implements Iterable<E>.


Eclipse 4.6 M5 can be downloaded for free. All new developments are listed on News & Notworthy. After a total of seven milestones the release of the final version of Neon is planned for June 2016.

Michael Thomas
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