New Mylyn/Docs Project

Eclipse Mylyn Intent Proposed for Documenting Your Projects

Jessica Thornsby

Mylyn Intent is proposed for capturing the intents and design choices made during development.

Mylyn Intent has been proposed under the Mylyn/Docs project. Mylyn Intent will provide an editing environment in an effort to capture the intents and design choices made during development. Documentation is traditionally used to capture such information, but keeping the document in sync with the reality can be a challenge. Mylyn Intent will attempt to rectify this by providing a host of tools for creating documentation mixing a formal and non-formal syntax, for collaborating on top of such documents, synchronising documentation, and tools for editing and validating.

Mylyn Intent will consist of a documentation language, which will be a mix of the wiki syntax from wikitext, and a syntax dedicated to the definition of model fragments. It will also provide an IDE, complete with wizards and editors with syntax highlighting and code completion functionality. Lastly, the synchronisation framework will be responsible for interfacing the formalism with development artifacts. The initial contribution will include an Eclipse IDE Editor, wizards and UI, and tools such as a document constraints checker and an indexer service for the documentation. The project plans to re-use the wikitext component, and leverage the EMF Compare component to provide synchronisation functionality.

The first builds for early adopters are currently scheduled for a March release.

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