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Eclipse MicroProfile: What it has to offer to the Java community

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Eclipse MicroProfile

What is Eclipse MicroProfile and what does it have to offer to the community of Java developers? Join Emily Jiang as she offers us an introduction to Eclipse MicroProfile and its goals.

While there are likely a dozen or more Java-based microservice/cloud-native initiatives in the industry, Eclipse MicroProfile provides a platform for Java developers to collaborate and innovate on areas of common interest. In this session, Emily Jiang gives a short overview of MicroProfile and how it plans to optimize microservices for Enterprise Java, followed by the demonstration of the MicroProfile config and Fault Tolerance specification being prototyped in MicroProfile.

The end goal of MicroProfile is to feed the Java Community Process (JCP) with JSR submissions backed by well-thought-out concepts and even implementations that developers and enterprises can rely on. Emily Jiang also invites everyone to join the community and provides ways in which you can engage yourself in it.

Emily Jiang is MicroProfile Development Lead and CDI Architect for IBM. Based at IBM’s Hursley laboratory in the UK, she has worked on WebSphere Application Server since 2006 and heavily involved in JavaEE 7 support in WebSphere Application Server releases. She is an active member of MicroProfile, OSGi Enterprise Expert Group and CDI Expert Group. Emily is currently leading the effort to define Config and Fault Tolerance programming models to be used by microservices in Follow @emilyfhjian on Twitter. 
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