Eclipse MicroProfile releases first update in 2020

MicroProfile 3.3 adds updates for Metrics, Fault Tolerance, Health and more

Maika Möbus
MicroProfile 3.3
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Eclipse MicroProfile 3.3 has arrived. This incremental release focuses on aspects such as a richer integration between MicroProfile APIs and continued alignment with CDI, JAX-RS, JSON-P, and JSON-B. It updates five different areas, including Metrics, Fault Tolerance, and Health.

Eclipse has announced MicroProfile 3.3—the latest release of the open forum for enterprise Java microservices specifications. It includes updates to several parts of the project, so let’s take a look at all the new features.

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Upgrades in MicroProfile 3.3

In the latest MicroProfile release, five APIs were updated compared to v3.2, as seen here:

MicroProfile Rest Client 1.4 provides new features for the Test Compatibility Kit (TCK), Service Provider Interface and annotations. It also adds fixes for documentation warnings and injections into client headers.

MicroProfile Config 1.4 adds Converter improvements and new built-in converters. Additionally, classloading issues have been fixed, and the spec documentation and javadocs have been clarified.

Fault Tolerance 2.1 brings new methods for some classes and clarifies its documentation. It also relaxes requirements on Future and CompletionStage implementations and allows configurations of some TCK tests.

MicroProfile Metrics 2.3 introduces the new simple timer metric @SimplyTimed, along with the new base metric rest.request for tracking the total count of requests as well as the elapsed time that was spent at the REST endpoint. You can now use metrics without a properly configured MicroProfile Config implementation.

MicroProfile Health 2.2 upgrades the CDI usage to v2.0 and has added improvements for its API and TCK on board.

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For more details, see the blog post on MicroProfile 3.3.

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