Eclipse Lower Membership Dues


A press release has revealed that the Eclipse Foundation is introducing two new initiatives to encourage both large corporations and small technology companies to participate in the Eclipse community.

The Eclipse Corporate Sponsor Program pinpoints large corporate users of Eclipse technology who, for whatever reason, cannot contribute back to the community in terms of committers or membership. This sponsorship program allows these companies to support the Eclipse Foundation through a financial contribution. The Corporate Sponsor Program recognises three tiers of sponsors. The first, ‘Platinum Sponsor’ is for sponsorship of more than $100,000. The second, ‘Gold Sponsor’ is for sponsorship of more than $25,000, and ‘Silver Sponsor’ is for sponsorship of more than $5,000. Cisco, Amazon Web Services, IBM and Novell have already joined the Eclipse Corporate Sponsor Program.

The second initiative, is aimed at making it easier for small technology companies to become Eclipse Foundation members. Organisations with annual corporate revenues of less than $1 million and no more than ten members of staff, can now pay a $1,500 Solutions Membership Dues.


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