Eclipse Logic Framework Proposal For Bringing Prolog to Eclipse


The Eclipse Logic Framework (ELF) project has been proposed as an open source, Eclipse project.

The ELF project aims to renew interest in practical logic programming by adding the Prolog language to the existing Eclipse ecosystem of supported languages. It will provide a complete Prolog development and runtime environment – a so-called “all-in-one” IDE. The ELF IDE will support the editing, code navigation and refactoring of Prolog code, in both the project’s own internal runtime, and in external native Prolog runtime engines, such as SWI-Prolog. The internal runtime will allow Prolog programs to run on the Java Virtual Machine. The aim, is to ultimately integrate Prolog and Java in a multi-paradigm approach that gives developers the option to select pieces from both languages to complete a particular task; and to provide a platform for logic-based applications to run on the Java Virtual Machine.

Researchers and tool makers from the logic programming and multi-paradigm programming community will be encouraged to contribute to the development and critical evaluation of the ELF project. The proposal also mentions a desire to break into the field of education, as ELF will support multiple runtimes out-of-the-box, meaning that users can focus on language issues, as oppose to installation issues. This should lower the barrier of entry to logic programming.

Initially, the project will consist of a set of IDE contributions, a connector framework, a Java-based Prolog interpreter, a Prolog-to-Java source-to-source translator system, a Java-based Prolog runtime, a ‘Java Architecture for Prolog Binding’ (JAPB) API, and a set of built-in example projects. Also under consideration, are support for Common Logic (CL) data formats and support for Semantic Web data formats.

Th ELF team are currently soliciting feedback from the Eclipse community at the ELF Forum.

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