4th Stop For Indigo

Eclipse Indigo and 4.1 M4

Jessica Thornsby

New weaving hook and support for multiple build configurations per project.

Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) and Eclipse 4.1 M4 have been released. In this milestone, the properties file editor comes with two new quick assists to escape/unescape backslashes, and the Escape backslashes quick assist can also be offered automatically on paste, if the pasted text contains backslashes that should be escaped.

The Open Super Implementation action in the Navigate menu can be accessed as a hyperlink in the Java editor, and a new API has been added to PrinterData to enable double-sided printing without using the PrintDialog.

When a target definition containing a p2 repository location resolves, the plugins must be downloaded to a local cache, but many of these plugins may already be available locally. With this milestone, target definitions will try to copy local plugins from known workspaces or the running Eclipse instance, rather than downloading them remotely.

For more information, please see the New & Noteworthy.


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