"Jetpack for Eclipse"

Optimizer for Eclipse by ZeroTurnaround

Simon Maple
Optimizer for Eclipse (© ZeroTurnaround)

ZeroTurnaround technology evangelist Simon Maple gives us the lowdown on Optimizer for Eclipse, a new IDE performance-optimizing tool unveiled earlier this week.

Within the Java ecosystem, Eclipse is the most widely used IDE. Yet, all good things have areas of weakness and opportunities for improvement. At some point in time a developer has either thought, heard someone else say, or said it to themselves: “Wow, my Eclipse is really slow today.”

As a company dedicated to providing Java developers with the tools and technologies to create higher-quality code, faster and with less downtime, ZeroTurnaround set out to optimize the Eclipse IDE by detecting and fixing common configuration issues that can slow down the development environment – hindering productivity, time-to-market and causing undue stress and frustrations for developers.

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We wanted to make coding in Eclipse as fun and enjoyable as possible and to support the Eclipse community and ecosystem with a free plugin that makes it easy for users to get the most out of their Eclipse IDE experience. We like to think of Optimizer for Eclipse as a jetpack for your Eclipse environment.

Finding the causes of slower Eclipse performance

Eclipse configuration issues can add up over time and slow the development environment down to a crawl. Common configuration issues include:

  • Insufficient memory allocation
  • Class verification overhead
  • Excessive indexes and history
  • Obsolete or slow JDK
  • Eclipse being out of date
  • Lengthy build and redeploy times

Optimizer for Eclipse evaluates the user environment by performing checks on each of these issues. Developers can then choose which items they wish to fix and allow the plugin to automatically speed up the Eclipse environment.

Simon Maple
Simon Maple is a software developer, technical evangelist for ZeroTurnaround a London Java Community leader and creator of the virtual Java User Group (vJUG).

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