Eclipse IDE For Education


Wayne Beaton has announced that the Eclipse IDE for Education (ide4edu) project has reimplemented the New Java Project and New Class wizards, in an effort to provide a “streamlined” version of Eclipse that is easier for college and university students to get to grips with. The project plans to support programming languages that are commonly used in university courses – including Java, Scheme, and Prolog – although, currently only Java is supported.

Initially, the project aims to deliver a less “cluttered” IDE, featuring stripped down versions of wizards for creating common elements. Eventually, students will graduate to a complete Eclipse installation.

The New Java Project and New Class wizards will initially assume this is the first project the user has ever created, and merely ask for the name of the class before building the first project automatically. The wizard will keep track of the state of the workspace, opening up additional fields as it perceives fit.

The Eclipse IDE for Education is available to download from the project’s website.


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