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Eclipse IDE 2019-06 is now available: New features for Java developers

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The latest release for the Eclipse IDE arrived on June 19. Welcome to version 4.12! Download the latest build and see what the newest additions and changes are. Follow the schedule and prepare yourself for all the future Eclipse updates so you never miss a thing!

The new version of the Eclipse IDE opened to general availability on June 19, 2019.

What’s new and noteworthy in the current release? This build includes new features for Java developers, plug-in developers, and new APIs in the Platform and Equinox. Let’s take a look at the changes and welcome the latest release.

Latest version

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Some of the latest and greatest features in v4.12 include:

  • New features in the Platform and Equinox: Views, dialogs, and wizards allow for importing projects into Eclipse, and launching run and debug configs from Quick Access. New themes and styling introduce high resolution images for Mac and table/tree background lines shown on Mac dark theme.
  • Additional new features for Java developers: The new version includes Java 12 support and new features to the Java editor. Users can show method paramters names on code as code minings, and take advantages of some new quick fixes.
  • New APIs in the Platform and Equinox: New platform changes include extensible quick access content, Tooltip support for CommonViewers, and the new CSS attribute swt-lines-visible. Dark mode is also now supported on Mac.
  • Brand new features for plug-in developers: New target platform preferences, API tools, and a new ‘source’ tab for Product and Category Editor.

Details for this build available here.

View the unit test results for version 4.12. (Performance tests currently pending release.)

IDE improvements and more

Watch this video from the Eclipse Foundation about the IDE improvements regarding Java, Maven, and Gradle.

Find out about the latest general improvements, new features, and changes to Git with this video from Holger Voormann.

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Looking forward to the next release already? Refer to the simultaneous release schedule. Mark your calendars because the next update for the Eclipse IDE arrives this coming September, 2019.

Keep up with the newest updates and download the latest build here.

Catch you when the next release hits!

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