The open source community hits mega milestone during EclipseCon Europe

Eclipse hit one million solution installs from Eclipse Marketplace Client

Chris Mayer

Subclipse plug-in proves most popular with downloaders

Despite only launching the Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC) with Helios in June 2010, Eclipse have already hit 1,000,000 successful installs of their solutions – showing how heavily subscribed people are to the open source foundation and its core values.

The timing for announcing the milestone couldn’t have come any better either – with the team celebrating ‘Ten Years of Innovation’ throughout November and at EclipseCon Europe. Unfortunately there wasn’t a Social Network moment – with the team missing that magical moment displaying the big one million. Fortunately, photoshop can be used to recreate it.

Ian Skerrett broke the news on his blog and provided the stats for which were the most popular solutions and their original of download

Some key points to ascertain from this table is of course that Subclipse is way ahead of anything else on offer within the marketplace, consistently reviewed as the best Subversion plugin. The US and German markets lead the way for national Eclipse pride which is hardly shocking either, given the size of the community within those countries. What is nice to see is the spead of the Eclipse commmunity – each country has a substantial base within the community, meaning greater global reach.

One point which Ian picks up on within the blog is that despite the number of solutions within the marketplace rapidly expanding (550 solutions with at least one install), the disparity between those in the top 10 and the rest is striking. Those within the above table represent 60% of total downloads, with the Top 20 making up 75%. As he states, logically over time, those lesser installs will pick up exposure through community word of mouth and helping aid that progression is a key mandate for the Eclipse community itself.

As for the MPC itself, October 2011 saw its biggest month yet, with 190,000 unique visitors using the MPC client and with 100,000 installs for the period. With all the fanfare this month, Eclipse are certainly riding the crest of the wave at the moment and all power to them.

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