Investment in the "Comfort Zone"

Eclipse Foundation appoints full-time platform developers for the first time

Michael Thomas
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With the recently announced Edje and IoT Connector IoT projects, as well as the OMR runtime technology platform, the Eclipse Foundation has finally, in the words of leader Mike Milinkovich, left its initial “comfort zone.” Yet there is more investment to be made in 2016, specifically in tool development.

So for the first time ever in its history, the Eclipse Foundation has endeavored to appoint a full-time Eclipse Platform developer who would promote the improvement of Eclipse-IDE or Eclipse Platform as a part of the Friends-Enabled Eclipse IDE/Platform Enhancements Program (FEEP). The FEEP offers Eclipse users and companies which cannot afford the time and (human) resources the possibility to invest specifically in the further development of Eclipse projects. The rather comprehensive requirements for potential candidates, as well as the expected areas of applications can be found in the official tender.

The personnel ambitions of the Foundation for 2016 are however not yet exhausted with the platform developer it currently seeks: according to information from Milinkovich, a Java tools Evangelist should be appointed around mid-year who would in cooperation with the Community, promote the distribution of Eclipse-IDE, as well as newer projects (e.g. the Eclipse Che Java framework.)

Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas studied Educational Science at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and has been working as a freelance author at since 2013.

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