Eclipse Foundation Announces Modeling Framework Graphiti


The Eclipse Foundation has announced Graphiti, a proposed open source project under the Eclipse Modeling Project (EMP). The EMP provides a set of modeling frameworks, standards implementation and tooling for model-based development technologies. Graphiti is currently in the Project Proposal Phase and the developers are asking for input from the Eclipse community, via the Eclipse Modeling forum.

Graphiti proposes to develop a plain Java API for building graphical tools, with limited dependencies. The Graphiti framework will utilises Eclipse’s Graphical Editing Framework (GEF), which allows developers to create a graphical editor from an existing application model, and GEF’S painting and layout plug-in, Draw2D. GEF and Draw2D will support EMF on the domain side; the EMF diagrams are described by a platform independent metamodel, which enables rendering in various non-Eclipse environments. SAP plans to contribute the initial code for the project. The Graphiti team currently plan to present Graphiti at EclipseCon 2010, and aim to have a incubator release ready by June 2010.