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Eclipse Foundation Announces Java 7 Support


PLUS, Rickard Öberg joins Rod Johnson at Neo Technology.

Eclipse Foundation Announces Java 7 Support

The Eclipse Foundation have announced that, with the release of Eclipse Indigo SR1, Eclipse now offers support for Java 7. This brings the latest Java 7 features to JDT developers.

“Java 7 is a significant release for moving the Java community and platform forward,” said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director, Eclipse Foundation. “The new Eclipse support the new language features is an important step in having the wider developer community adopt the new features in their application development.”

Eclipse Indigo SR1 can be downloaded now in a variety of packages, including Eclipse for Scout Developers, Eclipse IDE for Parallel Application Developers, and Eclipse for Testers.


DataCleaner 2.3 Adds International Data Support

Version 2.3 of the DataCleaner app for analysing, profiling, transforming and cleansing data, has been released. DataCleaner 2.3 includes a Character set distribution analyser for users working with data that has different character sets in the data, and a Transliterate transformer that can transliterate strings from different writing systems to Latin characters. The Pattern analyser can now group patterns based on a secondary column, and the Pattern finder results can be displayed in a chart.


Rickard Öberg Joins Rod Johnson at Neo Technology

Rickard Öberg has announced that he will join Neo Technology, the company behind the Neo4j graph database.

“What I like about Neo Technology is the focus on Enterprise NOSQL, meaning not only do they provide a good quality product that covers a wide range of use cases, but they also have a great team that provide support in the field, to understand customer needs, and to provide developers with the tools they need to run it in an enterprise environment. This is where I think NOSQL solutions will be “sorted out” in the next round, and I intend to help Neo4j become the best in this,” he said.

Öberg’s work will initially focus on providing support for the community, and addressing bugs. He joins Rod Johnson, founder and former CEO of SpringSource, who joined the company’s board earlier this month.


e(fx)clipse 0.0.6 With New fxgraph DSL

A new release of the e(fx)clipse JavaFX tooling for Eclipse has been released. e(fx)clipse 0.0.6 introduces ‘fxgraph,’ a DSL that allows the developer to define a JavaFX object graph and creates an fxml-File that can be interpreted by the JavaFX runtime, instead of producing executable code as its output:



This release also introduces a set of runtime components, including GridLayoutPane and RowLayoutPane, which are GridLayout and RowLayout from SWT, and SashLayoutPane, which has been developed for use in Eclipse 4.x.


JUnit 4.10 Addresses hamcrest Bug for Maven Users

Version 4.10 of the JUnit unit testing framework, has been released. This release fixes a bug in the packaging that affected Maven users working with recent versions of hamcrest, due to JUnit incorrectly containing hamcrest classes that could lead to version conflicts in projects that depend on hamcrest directly. In addition, the RuleChain rule allows ordering of TestRules, and there is a list of bug fixes, available at the Release Notes.



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