New EEFGen Option

Eclipse EEF Now Uses JMerge

Jessica Thornsby

EEF project lead Goulwen Le Fur has blogged about the latest features of Acceleo and EEF, released as part of the Helios M6 packages.

The EEF release comes with a new option in the EEFGen model, which allows the user to choose if they wish to use JMerge to manage user code or not.

In EEF there are two ways to customise generated code: the developer can either subclass the generated code, or add custom code in the dedicated area. Now, when the latter option is selected, the developer can use JMerge instead of Acceleo in the dedicated area.

This move has drawn some positive comments. “It was a bit of a pain to find the older version of Acceleo, and I think the JMerge is a much better option,” writes Miles Parker. “It’s a lot easier to maintain and of course it is what al of us EMF folks are used to using.”

Acceleo and EEF, can be downloaded as part of the recently-released Helios M6 Package.


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