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There’s a new addition to the family: Meet Eclipse Corrosion, the Eclipse IDE for Rust

Gabriela Motroc
Eclipse Corrosion

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And we’re back to the Eclipse IDE discussion but this time we’re not comparing Java IDEs. Eclipse might be famous for their Java IDE but there’s a new addition to the family that might please your eye: Eclipse Corrosion, the Eclipse IDE for Rust.

Rust was the fifth most discussed project on GitHub, according to the most recent State of the Octoverse report.  However, its lack of IDE support has been a bump in the road; five percent of past users considered this a deal-breaker and decided against using this eight-year-old programming language, Rust 2017 survey results showed.

9% of the responses encouraged us to continue to build our IDE support. Again, this year underscored that there are a sizeable section of developers that need support for Rust in their IDEs and tools. The Rust Language Server, the on-going effort to support IDEs broadly, was mentioned as one of the top items people are looking forward to this year, and comments pointed to these efforts needing to reach stable and grow support into other IDEs as well as continuing to grow the number of available features.

— Rust 2017 Survey Results

That said, Rust is in desperate need of a better IDE support. Enter Eclipse Corrosion, the Eclipse IDE for Rust.

Eclipse Corrosion: “A better Rust development process for all Eclipse users”

You might already be familiar with RustDT, in which case you are probably asking yourself what’s so special about Corrosion. Well, RustDT is no longer actively maintained [read more about it here].

Corrosion promises to help “those who are looking for better IDE support and expose more Eclipse IDE users to Rust, and more Rust users to Eclipse,” according to the project proposal.

The scope of the project is to provide development tools for Rust and Cargo based Rust applications in the Eclipse IDE. This includes creating projects, rich edition of source code files and manifest files, running and debugging code under development, running test suites, and packaging and deploying projects.

Support for in IDE Cargo Crate management is currently out of scope but can be reconsidered in the future.

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Eclipse seems to be winning the Java IDE game although NetBeans and IntelliJ are both breathing down its neck. They also have C/C++ IDE and PHP IDE and are now considering creating “an ‘Eclipse IDE for Rust developers’ just like other typical Eclipse IDE package.”

IDEs are among the most loved tools  [according to one of Packt’s Skill Up surveys] so, since everyone loves them, why not create a new one that could help increase the adoption rate of Rust? A first incubation release of Corrosion 0.1.0 is likely to be made after it’s moved under the community.

Lucas Bullen is the project lead of Eclipse Corrosion.

Gabriela Motroc
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