What's Hot in the Eclipse Community?

Eclipse Community Survey 2011 Results Released

Jessica Thornsby

Git/GitHub, Mercurial and Hudson/Jenkins gain popularity in Eclipse community.

The results of the Eclipse Community Survey 2011 are in! This year’s survey reveals that when it comes to source code management, Git/GitHub and Mercurial are still on the rise, and Hudson/Jenkins is also enjoying an increase in popularity, rising from 21.8% usage in 2010, to 30.8% in this year’s survey of 704 Eclipse users.

Git/GitHub grew from 6.8% to 12.8% and Mercurial increased from 3% to 4.6%. This is apparently at the expense of Subversion, which fell from 58.3% to 51.3%.

However, Eclipse’s Ian Skerrett was expecting an even sharper upwards trend: “I am a bit surprised the growth of Git/GitHub is not faster…..I have to believe as EGit gets better and Eclipse moves to Git, the growth will continue to accelerate.” EGit is an Eclipse Team provider for the Git version control system, which is implementing Eclipse tooling on top of the JGit Java implementation of Git.

According to the survey, Hudson/Jenkins is the second most popular build and release management tool in the Eclipse community, with Ant in the number one spot with 48.2% of those surveyed listing Ant as a build tool they “typically” use. Participants were allowed to list more than one tool for this question.

In the world of change management systems, Bugzilla (16.5%) and JIRA (24.7%) were ranked most popular, with JIRA enjoying a sharp increase from 16.3% in 2010. “What I find impressive is that JIRA is one of the few commercial developer products that shows up in the survey as being widely used,” says Skerrett.

This was the first year participants were asked about their use of Eclipse’s collection of open source projects that implement modeling technology. Over 30% of the respondents said they are either using Eclipse modeling or investigating its use, with generating code (50.2%) and creating graphical representations of models (36.8%) given as the two top reasons for using Eclipse modeling technologies. “This is really impressive and it clearly makes Eclipse modeling one of the most used technology portfolio’s at Eclipse,” summarises Skerrett.

The survey also asked participants about the hot trends of mobile application development and cloud computing. 60% of those surveyed have already developed or planned to develop a mobile application, with Android emerging as the most popular mobile operating system (88.1%). The survey discovered that when it comes to cloud computing, not only are more participants deploying or planning to deploy applications to a cloud infrastructure, but private cloud infrastructure appears to be the “fastest growing platform,” rising from 16.2% in 2010, to 23.1% in this year’s survey. Amazon continues to be the most popular destination for cloud deployments.

Another big winner this year, was Stack Overflow, which is now more popular than the Eclipse forums when it comes to sourcing Eclipse-related information. It came in third place to the question “where do you go to find Eclipse-related information?” behind Google (74.9%) and the Eclipse home page (45.9%) “If you are an Eclipse project committer and not looking at Stack Overflow, you might be missing out,” says Skerrett.

The full results of the Eclipse Community Survey 2011 have been published online (PDF.)

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