Eclipse Community Awards Deadline Approaching


Nominations for the inaugural Eclipse Community Awards are due to close this Friday, January 29, 2010. The Eclipse Community Awards recognises exemplary work in the Eclipse community, and are split into three categories: Individuals; Eclipse Projects; and Technologies and Products.

Individual Awards

The Individual Awards are presented to three members of the Eclipse community. The ‘Top Committer’ award recognises the individual who best exemplifies the Eclipse ethos of community support, through tutorials, forums, Bugzilla, etc. The ‘Top Contributor’ award is for the individual who is motivated to support the Eclipse community by their passion for both the community and the technology. Finally the ‘Top Newcomer Evangelist’ is for the individual who has done the most to welcome newbies into the Eclipse community, and will be presented to the community member who has answered the most questions in the Newcomers forum.

Eclipse Project Awards

There are two Eclipse Project Awards; ‘Most Innovative New Feature or Eclipse Project,’ nicknamed the ‘Shiny New Toy Award,’ which recognises a popular and successful feature added to an exiting Eclipse project in 2009. The ‘Most Open Project’ is for the project that best exemplifies the virtues of openness, transparency and diversity in the open source community.

Technology Awards

These are split into four categories. ‘Best Commercial Developer Tool,’ awarded to the most innovative and high quality commercial tool for software developers; ‘Best Open Source Developer Tool’ which is for a non-Eclipse hosted open source developer tool; ‘Best EclipseRT Application,’ awarded to either an application, commercial product or open source project, which is not hosted at Eclipse but nevertheless illustrates the most innovative use of Eclipse Runtime technology. Finally, there’s ‘Best RCP Application,’ which is awarded to an end-user desktop application that illustrates an innovative use of Eclipse RCP but is, again, not hosted at Eclipse.

Nominations can still be made at the Eclipse website. Voting opens for Individual Awards on February 1st, and the winners will be announced at EclipseCon 2010.

Last year, the ‘Best Commercial Eclipse-Based Developer Tool’ award went toInstantiations WindowBuilder Pro, and Chord Scale Generator was named as ‘Best Commercial RCP Application.’

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