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Eclipse Communication Framework 3.5 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, new Apache CouchDB on iOS project.

Automating Eclipse Maintenance with Workspace Mechanic 0.0.6

Robert Konigsberg has blogged about the latest changes in Workspace Mechanic for Eclipse. This tool for automating the maintenance of the Eclipse environment no longer depends on Mylyn, or org.mortbay for JSON parsing. Tasks can now be specified by URL. The latest release of Workspace Mechanic for Eclipse is 0.0.6, and the tool works with Eclipse version 3.5 and version 3.6.

New Apache CouchDB on iOS Project

Apache CouchDB on iOS‘ has been launched on GitHub. This project aims to provide a build of the Apache CouchDB document-oriented database that is optimised for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. With this project, the data is hosted on the device by Couchbase Mobile, so the application should be responsive even without a working network signal. A ‘Building the Demo App’ document is now available, for those wishing to try the project.

New Ruboto-Based App on Android Market

An Android app based on the Ruboto ‘Ruby on Android’ project, has been released on the Android Market. The Android API Browser app allows users to browse all levels of the Android API on their device, by providing a UI for exploring Android APIs.

ECF 3.5 Released with XML-RPC Provider

Version 3.5 of the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) has been released. ECF provides a modular implementation of the OSGi 4.2 Remote Services standard, support for REST-based and SOAP-based remote services, and asynchronous messaging for remote services. Version 3.5 adds a XML-RPC Provider that implements the ECF Remote Services API and adds the option of using a XML-RPC based infrastructure for the registration, distribution and use of remote services. The ECF Documentation Project has also been launched for community-contributed documentation. More information on these changes is available at the New and Noteworthy.

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