Eclipse Cloud Deployment Toolkit Proposal


A proposal for a ‘Cloud Deployment Toolkit‘ (CDTK) has been posted at

In terms of cloud computing, the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the Service Model that allows developers to provision systems and test new code on a fully functional clone of the targeted production environment. However, currently there are many different implementations of IaaS, which means teams have to interact with each cloud function without the help of an abstraction.

CDTK proposes to provide an abstraction to multiple IaaS platforms and a pluggable architecture for integration with other Eclipse tool projects. This is geared towards preventing applications from becoming locked into a specific IaaS platform.

CDTK will also report on IaaS resource utilisation, and facilitate the sharing of these reports; and integrate with application server code deployment plugins, debugger plugins and testing and performance tool plugins.

The interface abstraction to the IaaS infrastructure, will be build on foundation libraries. For the the IaaS system architecture-defining abstraction, the CDTK team will examine existing similar mechanisms, such as Open Virtualization Format version 1.1. The proposal also expresses a perceived connection between CDTK and the integrated workbench framework ‘g-Eclipse‘ project.

A preview release for EclipseCon, is scheduled for later this month. Functional release with IaaS provisioning, is tentatively planned for June 2010.

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