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Eclipse Board of Directors Election Results announced

Chris Mayer

The names of those elected to the Eclipse Foundation’s Board of Directors have been revealed.

After a month on the campaign trail, the names of those elected to the Eclipse Board of Directors in 2012 have been revealed.

It’s been a busy old month for the Eclipse Foundation, with all the pieces of the Juno jigsaw seemingly coming together and of course their conference, EclipseCon.

In both elections, three of the four candidates were chosen to take their place on the board, filling six positions – an important position for driving the Eclipse Foundation’s direction over the next year. 

The elected Committer Member representatives (representing the wider community) for 2012 are:

The elected Sustaining Member (the enterprise members) representatives for 2012 are:

Congratulations to all those elected – we’re sure you’ll do a great job!

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