nWire 1.3

Eclipse-Based Plugin for Analysing Java and PHP Code

Jessica Thornsby

Version 1.3 of nWire is now available.

Nwire is an Eclipse-based plugin that can analyse code in either Java or PHP.

With this release, the user can now determine how much of the CPU is allocated to the analysis process. NWire 1.3 also uses the Eclipse defined content types in order to determine which files to analyse. Removing the data from the repository when closing a project, is no longer a requirement, and the navigator elements can now load asynchronously. nWire loading now occurs in the background, after Eclipse is open, in an effort to speed up the Eclipse startup. Please see the Release Notes, for everything that nWire 1.3 has to offer.

This new release is available as a free upgrade for all existing nWire customers.