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Eclipse-Based GUIdancer 5.0 Released

Jessica Thornsby

First release of GUIdancer since creation of the Eclipse Jubula project.

Version 5.0 of the GUIdancer Eclipse-based tool for the automated functional testing of GUI’s, is now available. This update adds code coverage for Java apps using the JaCoCo code coverage agent, and ‘Test Style,’ which offers test specification advice.

This is the first release of GUIdancer since it was decided to migrate core parts of version 4.3 to the Eclipse Foundation and the Jubula project. Jubula provides automated functional GUI testing for Java and HTML applications.

“While we are obviously very excited about the Jubula project, it was also important for us to make GUIdancer 5.0 stand out in terms of its added value” said HansJ. Brede, a Managing Director at BREDEX GmbH. The GUIdancer 5.0 release adds longterm test result reporting, Mylyn integration and modeldriven testing.

New customers can test-drive GUIdancer 5.0, with a thirty day free trial.


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