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Eclipse 4.15 2020-03: Support for Java 14 added

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Like clockwork, the latest quarterly update for Eclipse has arrived with over 72.5 million lines of code under the hood and support for Java 14. Have a closer look at what the newest simultaneous release brings for 74 projects and watch Holger Voormann’s latest explanatory video.

The latest quarterly update for Eclipse has arrived (the first for 2020), including updates for the Eclipse IDE and Java 14 support. Eclipse 4.15 landed with major performance improvements that make things speedier and more responsive than ever.

The simultaneous Eclipse release includes upgrades for a grand total of 74 projects under the Eclipse Foundation. With 130 committers and 72.5 million lines of code, this release train is a huge collaborative effort.

Eclipse 4.15 is compatible with 4.14 and all 3.x versions. Let’s welcome the spring release and see what’s new in Eclipse 2020-03.

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Features for Java devs


Simplified lambda expressions. Source.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Cleanup for lambda expressions: For Java 8 and higher, a new clean up helps simplify lambda expressions by removing parenthesis for a single untyped parameter, return statement for a single expression and brackets for a single statement.
  • Content Assist support subword patterns: Select this setting under the Java > Editor > Content Assist preference page.
  • Non-blocking Java completion:To prevent UI freezes, enable non-blocking computation under Preferences > Java > Editor > Content Assist > Advanced.
  •  Cleanup for uppercase for long literal syntax: For improved readable and avoid any potential confusion, long literals will be rewritten with uppercase, such as 101L.

In addition to these updates, support for Java 14 for the Eclipse IDE has also been added.

View all the updates for Java developers here.

Thanks to Holger Voormann (@howlger on Twitter), an informative video summarizes the newest changes.

Platform changes


Improved dark mode welcome screen. Source.

  • Improved dark mode: The Welcome screen and help section get a new look that is more consistent with dark mode.
  • General performance upgrades: Eclipse is now snappier and faster than before with quicker start-up. Redraw during the collapse and expand operation of tree viewers is now turned off by default to make the platform significantly quicker.
  • Console view update: The console view now shows the termination time of a process. The ASCII control characters have also been extended to support the following characters: \f – form feed and \v – vertical tab.
  • Hyperlinks in a cheat sheet item description now allowed: Express hyperlinks using using <a href=”URL”>display link</a>.
  • WebKit1 support dropped: Only WebKit2 code is supported.
  • Default hierarchal project layout: The default project layout in Project Explorer changes from Flat to Hierarchal. Users can change this back in the view menu.

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Upgrade to 2020-03

Grab all the latest updates, tests, and logs for the Eclipse Platform here.

See what else is new and noteworthy in the release train.

Windows 10 users should take note that Windows 10 Defender causes major slow down for Eclipse due to an issue regarding JAR files. View more info about this issue here. Apply the temporary workaround for now, until Microsoft releases a fix.

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