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Eclipse 3.8 & 4.2 JDT gets sneak preview M7 release

Chris Mayer

As Milestone 7 is imminent, some small details surrounding JDT emerge

We’re entering crunchtime for all the projects within the Eclipse Juno Release Train with the end of this week seeing the arrival of Milestone 7 – normally the time when individual projects administer last minute tweaks and a fine lick of paint, before entering the intense fixing Eclipse 3.8/4.2 endgame stage leading up to June 27th’s Deadline Day.

It’s likely been a tiring week for all developers involved, so we’re grateful that one key contributor to Eclipse JDT took time out in a blog to give us a glimpse of what we can expect from M7. 

Eclipse JDT UI and Platform Text Committer at IBM, Deepak Azad explained that M7 was mostly devoted to polish and performance, but detailed some new features that they’ve managed to squeeze in. Firstly, there’s been a tweak in the way brackets are used. Previously in M6, a matching bracket was found when the caret was placed immediately ‘after’ a bracket but this led to confusion.

Azad explains:

We tweaked this during M6 so that the start bracket was highlighted when the caret is before (not after) the end bracket, i.e. bracket matching now worked when the caret was ‘inside’ a bracket pair. 

Now bracket matching works in the way you’d expect, as shown below.

You can now hover over a curly bracket and see its source, which also notes the length of the code block. This is useful when looking at a longer code block which you need to temporarily highlight.

Other changes include new compiler options in regards to warnings on enum based switch statements and a set of quick fixes for null annotations. To view all the changes in full, check out the blogpost.

We’re entering the final stretch now and you should keep your eyes peeled for further M7 announcements!

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