Eclipse 3.6 To Run With OpenJDK on Mac


The next release of Eclipse will run with OpenJDK 7 on Mac OS X.

Eclipse developer David Green has announced on his blog that the forthcoming Eclipse 3.6 will run on OpenJDK on Mac. Mac OS X users were previously typically restricted to Apple’s own implementation of Java.

Green enthused that “this will free us from Apple’s oft-criticised and historically slow release cycle of the JVM.” The Eclipse developer does have a point: Apple’s Java 6 was released in April 2008, almost a year and a half after Sun’s release of Java 6.

Green has previously blogged about methods of launching Eclipse with an OpenJDK-based VM on the Mac operating system, but this is the first time the capability will be integrated in an Eclipse release. Green’s blog also features a short walkthrough for those who’d like to test OpenJDK and Eclipse 3.6 on the mac.


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