Eclipse 2018-09 IDE improvements [VIDEO]

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Eclipse Photon has been a welcome update to the Eclipse universe. But the planets keep spinning and the updates keep coming. This week, Holger Voormann has two new videos about the newest improvements to the Eclipse platform.

The Eclipse Foundation has just moved away from a yearly release to a quarterly release schedule. The Eclipse SDK project is part of the 2018-09 release, which marks the first quarterly Simultaneous Release. 

Check out the changelog to get a sense of everything that is new and noteworthy in this release!

You can download the Eclipse SDK and related resources from the Eclipse Project downloads page. The Eclipse installer and other packages can be downloaded from the Eclipse Installer page.

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Eclipse 2018-09 improvements

Today, we’re taking a look at Eclipse 2018-09! Here are Holger Voormann’s latest videos going over the general improvements to Eclipse. In particular, these are the General, Git, and Java improvements that have been made to the IDE since the Photon release three months ago.

In the video below, Holger Voormann goes over everything from the new minimap view, the improved dark theme, and Git workflow improvements.

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Never fear, there’s also a Java-specific video for all the 2018-09 IDE improvements. The following video goes over things like Java 11 support, new quick fixes, abstract classes, and more.

Head on over to Holger Voormann’s YouTube channel for more helpful videos about the Eclipse IDE! 

Don’t miss out on any of Holger Voormann’s other videos! He’s documented all the changes and improvements to Eclipse Oxygen and Eclipse Photon in a regular video series. Check out his previous videos here:

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