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eBay Create Java-to-JavaScript Eclipse Plugin

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Orion is finally officially proposed as an Eclipse project.

Contest to Design the JSF Logo

After ten years, the JSF team have decided that it’s time the project got its own logo! Ed Burns has announced the logo will be decided by a contest, with the designer of the winning logo receiving a signed copy of his “Secrets of the Rockstar Programmers” book. The winner will have to submit a signed Oracle Contributor Agreement. The contest closes on 29th April 2011 at 12:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time, and Ed Burns will select the winner.

Siwpas Java EE 6 Application Sever Goes GA!

The Simple Web Profile Application Server (Siwpas) Java based application server platform is now generally available. Siwpas provides a platform for running web apps implemented using the Java EE 6 Web Profile technologies, and a Java Server Faces-based administration console. Siwpas is available in two flavours: Siwpas Community Edition and Siwpas Enterprise Edition. The Siwpas source code can be found at Google Code.

Want to find out more about Siwpas? Check out the Java EE 6 issue of Java Tech Journal, which features an article by Gurkan Erdogdu on Siwpas.

eBay Create Java-to-JavaScript IDE

eBay’s VJET JavaScript IDE is now available from the Eclipse Marketplace. VJET provides a strongly typed, runtime and integrated development environment between Java and JavaScript. It exposes JavaScript native, browser-specific, and user-defined types in Java, and exposes common Java packages – for example java.lang and java.util – in JavaScript. The IDE maintains object identity, references, and modifications, in objects moving between JavaScript and Java. The Eclipse plugin features code assistance, syntax and semantic validation, and type searching and type outlines.

Spring-Based Axon Framework Reaches 1.0

The Axon framework has reached version 1.0. Axon builds on top of Spring and Spring Integration, and supports the Command-Query Responsibility and Event Driven Architecture patterns. Axon Framework provides Command Bus implementations for dispatching a command to the appropriate command handler, and mechanisms for publishing Events to the interested event listeners. Command Bus implementations that support routing and remoting are currently planned for future releases of the framework.

Orion Officially Proposed as Eclipse Project

It may have already caused a stir in the Eclipse community, but now Orion has finally been proposed as an Eclipse project. The proposal mentions the SWT Browser Edition work done in the e4 incubator and its relation to Orion:

“We have come to the conclusion that these efforts are not the right direction for browser-based tools. The performance and UI design characteristics of desktop applications do not translate well to the browser. We have chosen instead to pursue a quite different direction. The Orion code base is a completely new implementation, focused on web technologies and principles. The idea is to make the web itself the development environment, instead of trying to bring existing desktop IDE concepts to the browser.”

The proposal also states that Orion will make Eclipse a player in the web-based software development market. The Orion team are aiming to produce an incubating release to coincide with the Indigo release train.

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