eBAM Proposed As Eclipse Project


The open source Extended Business Activity Monitoring (eBAM) project has been submitted as a proposed Eclipse SOA top-level project.

eBAM intends to provide a monitoring platform supporting the management and performance analysis of external systems. It will provide a way to automatically collect different types of information from different environments and gather them in a central repository, which can then be used to produce real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI,) Software License Agreement (SLA) and notifications for different channels.

The project aims to build architecture based on a modular solution. Users will be able to select and use components that are best suited to their needs. It will also leverage the Eclipse Ecosystem by working closely with Eclipse SOA Tools Platform, Eclipse RT, Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT), Eclipse modelling Tools and Eclipse TPTP.

A Release Candidate of eBAM is currently scheduled for June 2010, with version 0.7 scheduled for August 2008.

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