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Take advantage of the JAX DevOps 2018 special offer — Very Early Bird ends TODAY

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Are your calendars marked for JAX DevOps 2018? If you would like to dive deeper into topics such as Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Docker, and clouds, this is your chance to hear top experts talk about the latest trends in this growing culture. Hurry up and save up to £200 – Very Early Bird offer expires today!

Renowned pioneers of the software industry will gather at JAX DevOps between April 9-12, 2018 in London to present the most important trends and visions for this growing movement.

This innovative conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Docker, and clouds takes the pulse of the industry and pinpoints the influence behind new solutions that aim to soothe the growing pains of DevOps.

Our Very Early Bird offer will give you one more reason to celebrate since it will save you up to £200!

Still not convinced? Take a look at the conference tracks:

  • Continuous Delivery & Automation: valuable practical knowledge on how to automate the software delivery and boost productivity.
  • Container Technologies: use cases and best practices for working with the likes of Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos & Co.
  • Microservices: learn how to maximize development productivity and minimize mistakes.
  • Agile & Company Culture: Do you know what it means to create an agile company culture and promote agile values? Let’s have a sneak peek into the changes that have shaped the corporate culture and a helping hand with the process of becoming fully agile.
  • Could Platforms: insight into the newest approaches to set up cloud-based or even cloud native applications

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Some of the most influential industry experts and international speakers will join us at JAX DevOps, offering their knowledge and insight. Take a look at the detailed list of speakers here. With more than 60 workshops, sessions and keynotes you are guaranteed to attain some hands-on knowledge as well as having the time of your life, meeting and conversing with people from all around the world!

JAX DevOps 2018 consists of:

  • 60+ Workshops, sessions and keynotes
  • 40+ International speakers and industry experts
  • Insightful Keynotes addressing actual trends and best practices
  • 2-in-1: attend a parallel conference JAX Finance
  • Expo reception with top IT companies 10.- 11. April

Already excited? Visit the JAX DevOps website to book your Very Early Bird tickets now!

See you all in London!


Jussi Nummelin is back! If you want to learn more about containers, check out this JAX DevOps 2017 interview and prepare yourselves for a conference to remember:

JAXenter: What is the most important benefit of containers?

Jussi Nummelin: Containers can speed up the application delivery process by providing well-known packaging and operational environments regardless of the application itself.

JAXenter: What are your favorite container tools right now? Why?

Jussi Nummelin: I’ve been working with Docker and containers for the past few years, so naturally Docker is one of my favorite tools. It eases my daily work so much; I can test my apps in containers easily and spin up virtually any service by just running a standard Docker image. One other favorite is the continuous integration tool. I just love the way they’ve built the architecture so that anything you run during your build process is executed within containers. That then means that you really can execute anything and no need to worry about installing some random plugins or anything. And Kontena, of course, as it’s the most developer-friendly container platform out there.

JAXenter: What should participants learn from your session?

Jussi Nummelin: I hope participants learn some ways in which containers can help when building an automated build and deployment pipeline as well as learn how container orchestration platforms can make one’s life easier.

See the full interview here.

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